Welcome to Designing Our Future 

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Designing Our Future is a national online conversation for everyone who works in NHS Finance and aims to create greater impact through a shared sense of purpose, by using the collective brilliance of all NHS Finance professionals, and:

  • by doing this we aim to build greater community with all 16,000 NHS professionals
  • co-create a shared vision for the NHS finance community and the impact you wish to have
  • develop a shared agreement on the commitments that finance professionals need to make in order to achieve that vision 
  • build a clear picture of the support NHS finance professionals desire from others within the system, to make their shared vision a reality.

How it works

Due to the situation with Covid-19 the online workshop has taken a pause. The platform is still open for you to login and share any reflections you may have. We will formally relaunch the online workshop at a later date.

Our online workshop is similar to a physical workshop but it’s more flexible and inclusive, which is really important for the Designing Our Future project as we want to hear from all NHS Finance staff nationally:

  • The online workshop is anonymous – your name is not attached to anything you share
  • You can join the online workshop from a PC, tablet or smartphone
  • All NHS Finance staff are welcome to join the conversation
  • You can visit the workshop as many times as you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at a time that suits you
  • Everyone can read, rate and comment upon the ideas of others